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Thermal Spraying is a coating process that provides a Functional Surface to Protect or Improve the Performance of a Substrate or Component. Almost any kind and form of material can be Thermally Sprayed¡ªwhich is why Thermal Spray is used worldwide to Provide Protection from Corrosion, Wear and Heat, to restore and repair components, and for a variety of other applications. Which kind of materials can be used for thermal spray process? As follows:

Metal (Pure metal, Alloy, Self-fluxing alloy,) ceramic(Metal oxides, metal carbides, Boron and nitrogen silicide ), plastic(polyethylene, epoxy resin ect ), compound.

Allotech manufacture a wide range of thermal spray wires in form of alloy for arc spray & flame spray. They can meet different thermal spray coating application, Currently, We specialize in producing Ni based, Fe based, Cu based thermal spray wire and so on. As follows:


Iron Based Alloy

SS 304 SS 420 SS 316 FeCrAl
FeCrBSi Low carbon steel High carbon steel  


Nickel Based Alloy

NiAl 95/5 NiAl 80/20 NiCr 80/20 NiCrTi NiCrAl NiTi
Pure Ni Inconel 625 Inconel 718 Hastelloy C-276 Monel 400  

Copper Based Alloy


Other Alloy

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