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Cr23Al5 is FeCrAl alloy wire specifically designed for arc spraying. It can produce dense, well-bonded coatings with excellent wear and high temperature oxidation resistance. It is widely used for dimensional restoration applications and machine element repair. It is low shrink characteristic, allow increased coating thickness. It can equivalent to:Tafa Alcro, 78E Iron/ Chrome/Aluminium.

Machine element repair and restoration.
Resistance to chloride-ion attack in marine environments.
As a replacement for hard chrome plating.
Bond coats in high-temperature coating systems,
Protective coatings against sulphur-containing atmospheres and scaling of conventional low alloy steels.

Product Details
Chemical composition:

Grade Chemical composition(%)
Cr Al Mn Si C Fe Ni S P
Cr23Al5 20.5~23.5 5.3~6.3 Max 0.4 Max 0.7 0.07 Bal 0.6 0.025 0.025
Physical Properties
Grade Density Melting Point
Cr23Al5 7.25g/cm3

1500 ¡ãC

Typical Characteristics:

Typical Hardness Bond Strength Deposit Rate Deposit Efficiency Machilityineab
HRB 85-90 6300 psi 10 lbs /hr/100A 70% Good

Sizes & Packaging:

Diameter Packaging Wire Weight
1/16¡± (1.6mm) MIG (D 300) 15kg((33 lb)/spool
Note that special sizes, or packing requirements are available on all requests.
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