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ASTM NiFe-C1 Nife55 Cast Iron Welding Wire

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The NiFe alloy is suitable for welding all grades of cast iron but particularly for spheroidal graphite (SG), nodular or ductile irons and some alloy cast irons. It provides compatible strength, ductility and toughness, coupled with good machinability. The NiFe consumables can also be used on some of the high alloy austenitic irons (Ni-Resist). The flake graphite grades are welded with a preheat of 300-350¡ãC but the SG grades are best buttered using low heat input, and low temperature techniques to avoid HAZ hot cracking. Note the martensitic Ni-Hard cast irons and white irons are generally considered to be unweldable because they are too crack-sensitive. The NiFe consumables are also suitable for welding transition joints between cast iron and cast steels, and cast iron and mild/low alloy steels. Typical components are machine bases, pump bodies, engine blocks, gears and transmission housings.

Category: GMAW-GTAW Solid wires

Type: Nickel iron MIG wire for joining dissimilar materials and cast iron.

Nickel Iron based filler metal for joint welding and claddings on cast Iron. Very wel suited also for dissimilar welding between cast iron and high alloyed stainless and heat resistant steels or mild steels. Excellent Weldabillity with extreme crack resistance with a ductile weld deposit. Good welding and wetting characteristics and high resistance against porosity. The weld metal is corrosion and heat resistant. Very well suitable for welding with robotics or automated processes.

Suitable for welding stainless steels containing 12-14 Cr. Also for welding mild and low alloy steels which are exposed to termperatures up to 450C. Cast Iron repairs, rebuilding shafts, wheels, spherical flange pipe fittings, critical joints between steel and cast iron etc.

AWS  A 5.15: E NiFe-C1; EN ISO 1071: SC NiFe-1;  DIN: W.Nr. 2.4472;  DIN 1736:

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