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ERCuSi-A is an iron free aluminum bronze, copper based welding alloy used for GTAW and GMAW Welding. It can equivalent to: Oxford Alloy Silicon Bronze.

Used for the welding of copper, copper-silicon, and copper-zinc base metals to themselves  Can also be used to surface areas subject to corrosion.

Product Details
Chemical composition

Grade Chemical composition(%)
ERCuSi-A Cu+Ag Zn Sn Mn Fe Si Al
Bal ¡Ü1.0 ¡Ü1.0 ¡Ü1.5 ¡Ü0.5 2.8~4.0 ¡Ü0.01

Mechanical properties

Tensile Strength Yield Strength Elongation
350MPA / /

Welding paramaters

Process Diameter Amperage Gas
TIG 1/16¡±     (1.6mm) 70-150 Ar, Helium
3/32¡±     (2.4mm) 140-230 Ar, Helium
1/8¡±      (3.2mm) 225-320 Ar, Helium
MIG .045¡±     (1.2mm) 205-235 75% Argon + 25% Helium
.0.35  (0.9mm) 100-200 75% Argon + 25% Helium
AWS/ASME Spec 5.7, AWS Class ERCuSi-A, UNS C65600
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