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Abrasive wear resistance coating

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1 wear resistant & wear coating           

The wear resistant coating is a coating of cutting foreign particles between the sliding surface and the ability of the slot, the hardness of the coating should be greater than the external abrasive particle hardness. The coating used at high temperatures, the operating temperature of 540~845 degrees C, the use of the coating at low temperature, the operating temperature is limited to 540. When the working temperature is limited to 540 DEG C, the coating material can choose self fluxing alloy with Mo or Ni/Al mixed powder, Ni/Al wire and self fluxing alloy with Co-WC mixed powder; when the working temperature is 540~845 DEG C, spraying iron, nickel and cobalt base material, Ni/Al wire and Cr3C2 metal ceramic powder; on the impact or the vibration load, if the temperature is below 760 DEG C, the best self fluxing alloy; Cr3C2 the erosion; oxidation can be used mainly for iron, nickel and cobalt based coating.           

This kind of coating should have high hardness, especially the surface hardness should be more than the existence of abrasive hardness; coating must have good oxidation resistance in the working temperature. Commonly used in piston rod mud pump (oil industry); polished rod bush (oil industry); the oil suction pipe connecting rod screw conveyor; concrete mixer; grinding hammer (tobacco); the core shaft, a dry battery cell; sanding and polishing fixture etc..     


2 hard wear resistant coating

Wear resistant hardfacing coating is hard or abrasive ability with hard and soft surface sliding wear of coating. The coating should be smooth to reduce the wear degree, but also have the appropriate friction coefficient. When the working temperature is 540~845 degrees Celsius, the coating is considered to be a coating used at high temperature, and the working temperature is considered to be a coating used at low temperature under 540 degrees Celsius. Used in low temperature resistant hard wear coating, including resistant fiber and textile wear coating line. When the working temperature is below 540 DEG C, the coating can be used iron-based, nickel and cobalt base self fluxing alloy materials, nonferrous metal, oxide ceramic, tungsten carbide and some refractory metal materials. When the working temperature is 540~845 DEG C, the cobalt base self fluxing alloy, Ni/Al and chromium carbide coating materials. When the temperature is below 760 DEG C and impact load, should use self fluxing alloy; high temperature should be selected with Cr3C2 coating; antioxidant mainly choose Ni/Al etc..          

 This kind of coating should be higher than paired surface hardness; when paired with smooth surface, reduce the severity of wear, wear and sometimes paired surface roughness in proportion; the two contact surface will produce debris, it can play the role of abrasive particle; the hard and hard surface will be the most equal. Commonly used in drawing winch; fork; plug gauges; pipe sizing rolling punch; extrusion die; guide rod etc.. 

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