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Electrical insulation and conductive coating

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1 conductive coating
This kind of coating must have good electrical conductivity and low resistance. The conductivity of the material is almost always decreases as the temperature increases; conductive oxide free coating dense total is higher than with oxide porous coating; spraying coating with high internal stress, strain in abnormal state. The conductivity of the coating can be eliminated and improved by annealing. Can be sprayed pure Cu, pure Al coating. Commonly used in the sports class, axial capacitor contactor, grounding connector, lightning arrester.
2 resistance coating
Such coatings must have an insulator action that prevents current from passing through. The intensity of the breakdown coating (usually expressed in terms of the voltage per unit length) and the allowable conductance is a measure of the dielectric strength. The dense and non porous coating has a higher insulating strength than the porous coating; the insulation strength decreases with the increase of temperature, and the insulation strength of the coating is measured at specific temperature and humidity conditions. As the humidity increases, in order to reduce the influence of insulation insulation strength; strength improvement and reduction of humidity on the processing of oxide ceramics by the organic sealants, the ultrafine powder of Al2O3 and 87%Al2O3+13%TiO2 composite powder. Commonly used in the heater pipe insulation, soldering iron welding head.
3 RF shielding coating
The coating can pick up and scatter radio frequency and make it into the ground. This kind of radio frequency interference is caused by the following reasons: 1 radio signals emitted by other stations; 2 in addition to the dissemination of other RF energy, such as air, artificial, static power line static etc.. RF shielding coating shielding the radio frequency from ultra-high frequency. The power of the radio frequency should be determined in advance to determine the power size to be adapted to the coating; the dense and the light coated coating has a stronger insulating property to the ultra-high frequency. Porous coating (composed of coarse particles) can resist ultra high frequency, can be sprayed pure Cu, Al, Zn or Sn coating. Used in instrument and meter box, missile system, etc..
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