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Flame spraying induction cladding sucker rod coupling

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Flame spraying induction cladding is on the surface of workpiece by flame spraying prefabricated self fluxing alloy coating, a coating preparation technology by electromagnetic induction heating and melting of the coating and substrate showed a good metallurgical bonding state. The coating prepared by the method has the properties of impact resistance, high temperature resistance, erosion resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, thereby greatly improving the service life of the workpiece, improving the production efficiency and reducing the maintenance cost. Due to the use of electromagnetic induction heating for heating mode, highly concentrated energy to the substrate and the coating interface, high efficiency, fast heating, small deformation of the workpiece, the remelting of good quality, can greatly reduce the manufacture cost of products. Compared with the flame, vacuum sintering, ion beam and electron beam remelting process, the technology has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and material saving. Because the process is not limited by the size of the workpiece and coating thickness, it is suitable for the preparation of high performance coating on the surface of the workpiece, such as various kinds of large shaft, roller type, all kinds of pump plunger, sucker rod section hoop and hydraulic prop.           

The sucker rod joint hoop is a vulnerable part of a large number of applications in the process of oil exploitation. Special functional coating is prepared on the outer surface of the outer surface, which has the function of preventing abrasion, corrosion and anti friction. Well the installation of a bidirectional protective coating joint hoop, not only can improve the service life of the sucker rod, and effectively reduce the power consumption.           

In the following example, the induction cladding process of flame spraying is described.           

The first, through the processing of the way to get the hoop blank; at this time, the blank part of the machining allowance for turning thread, while the outer circle set aside 1 mm of coating allowance.           

Second, the blank oil processed, for cylindrical surface roughening (ensure each fillet workpiece have been roughened effectively at the same time, in the next step after coarsening after spraying to keep the surface clean).           

Third, after the coarsening of the rough parts, preheating and spraying, as shown in figure 1. Here, the preheat temperature is between 100 and ~150. Spraying process should be controlled to spray flame as neutral or partial reduction flame, and to reduce the excessive oxidation of spraying coating.           

Fourth, the coating is completed on the induction remelting equipment for remelting processing, as shown in figure 2. Here, the matching speed and power control hoops; solid-liquid phase on the workpiece to ensure uniform and orderly movement.           

Fifth, the induction remelting process, in order to reduce the deformation of the workpiece, the need to keep the workpiece in the machine rotation, cooling.           

Sixth, after the cooling of the workpiece to be processed into the product.

With the rapid development of industrial technology, the application of surface engineering technology more and more extensive and in-depth; flame spraying induction cladding technology as a process of surface engineering technology is a branch of specialization and refinement in the direction of development. To summarize the characteristics of industrial application, the development trend of flame spraying induction cladding process is as follows:           

First, flame spraying induction remelting process automation;           

Second, the precise control of the composite overlay and coating thickness of the induction frequency;           

Third, the preparation of the workpiece shape and the diversification of the matrix material;           

Fourth, the process of application of powder materials. 

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